PSD Services
Our experienced and highly-qualified PSD Teams allow service users to move safely and securely in high-risk areas and hostile environments. Our teams and vehicles are configured specifically to suit the client and the operating environment.
Convoy Support Services (CSS) / Convoy Protection
Our convoy protection and management services ensure all trucks and cargo arrive safely at their delivery destinations. Specialising in high-risk areas and complex / hostile environments, our experts assess the stability and risk factors for every task, implementing the necessary security measures and safety procedures, combined with a contingency plan and reliable support network.
The Convoy Support Services (CSS) specialise in:

  • Military
  • Reconstruction Programs
  • IMO Cargo (including Dangerous/Hazardous Goods)
  • Humanitarian Aid & World Food Programs


Providing customers with a competitive edge, our advisory services supports businesses with strategic decision-making. As a global risk management consultancy, we lead the way in intelligence-based advisory for a range of client’s worldwide.
Our expert Business Intelligence Consulting Team (BICT) guide our customers through complex environments and challenging markets. Utilising data and intelligence, our services reduce exposure, mitigating risk whilst creating opportunity. In addition, our advisory team will identify revenue and cost drivers of each business activity along with reducing operational costs.


As a recognised and trusted service, SSS Ltd. Response provides critical support for clients worldwide. Consisting of an experienced kidnap & extortion unit, our services reduce the risk facing businesses operating in complex environments. An approved service provider, SSS Ltd. Response supports major insurance firms and underwriters with providing businesses the freedom and flexibility to develop their interests risk free.


Our comprehensive and integrated services include a combination of technical and physical solutions designed to deter, minimise, secure and protect our client’s personnel and premises. Recognising the challenges of providing a safe and secure working environment, our highly-trained security personnel manage and control key vulnerable areas, maintaining the integrity of each facility or site.
Traditionally, our guard force consists of a Shift Supervisor (Guard Commander), Access Control (Entry Control) Guards, Watchtower Sentries and Perimeter Patrol Teams. In addition, our services include Search and Detection Teams and a K-9 Unit.


SSS Ltd.’s K-9 Unit provides professional K-9 Security and Training Services worldwide.
Our exclusive K-9 Unit, employ and train some of the best dog teams in operation, all of which have extensive experience and ability to adopt multiple roles. All our K-9 teams undergo mandatory basic compatibility training to ensure suitability for duty. Our versatile dogs include;

  • Search & Detection Dogs
  • Rescue Dogs
  • Dual Purpose Dogs
  • Military Working Dogs
  • Patrol Dogs
  • Guard Dogs
  • Executive Protection Dogs
  • Maritime K-9