SSS Ltd. Worldwide

SSS Ltd. Africa

Launched in February 2009, SSS Ltd. Africa is one of our most active divisions.
With a large emphasis on security and risk management, the division is responsible for strengthening key security issues throughout the continent. Whilst working with various governments and agencies, we strive to maintain peace and stability through disciplined security operations. This includes providing training programs and investing time and resources into helping local people, protecting their rights and interests whilst providing opportunities to live freely and safely.

SSS Ltd. Belize

As the regional headquarters for our Latin America Division (LAD), SSS Ltd. Belize is responsible for overseeing support services within Central and South America. As a leading business management company, SSS Ltd. Belize is a crucial element, aligning security and risk management with the needs of our clients. Responsible for maximising division efficiency and operational capabilities within Central America and the Caribbean, SSS Ltd. Belize manage a portfolio of around 37 service users and 20 partner companies.

SSS Ltd. Latin America

Actively working in Latin America since 2009, SSS Ltd. provides comprehensive services to multiple private, public and NGO sectors, enabling people and local businesses to flourish and thrive. Specialising in risk mitigation, the division operates in 22 countries across Latin America and the Caribbean, and is steadily growing, expanding our influence further.

SSS Ltd. Mexico

Leading the way in intelligence-based security and risk advisory services, SSS Ltd. Mexico provides professional research and information gathering, and in recent years the division has become one of our biggest ISR contributors.
Working countrywide, we develop local contacts and networks, along with gathering intelligence which help support key projects and service users. SSS Ltd. Mexico is of strategic importance and responsible for coordinating security and intelligence projects for key clients and projects throughout Central and South America, and the Caribbean.

SSS Ltd. North America

Located in San Ysidro, SSS Ltd. North America is a leading security and intelligence agency. Supporting customers throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico, the division is also responsible for providing training services.


SSS Ltd. UK is a leading risk advisory and intelligence company. With a large focus on combating domestic threats and key issues within the United Kingdom, the division is of strategic importance, and responsible for coordinating security and intelligence issues for clients and key projects worldwide.
SSS Ltd. UK works closely with our National Security and Intelligence Team.

SSS Ltd. Offshore

With experience of operating in some of the world’s most challenging environments, SSS Ltd. Offshore deliver reliable consultancy and risk mitigation services throughout the marine and offshore industry.
From embedding offshore advisors to implementing security procedures, and conducting physical security services, SSS Ltd. Offshore understand the importance of protecting people, assets and business interests. Our comprehensive yet flexible strategies have enabled us to expand our influence within South America, Africa and the pacific.